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Daffys Funeral


Compassionate and personal funeral services, available 24/7, every day of the week.


For over 90 years, Daffys Funeral Home has provided compassionate, dignified and personal Limerick funeral services.
Based in Kilmallock, with two other sites in Ballyagran and Lisselton, Daffys Funeral Home caters to religious funerals, as well as civil and humanist funerals. Our high-quality and professional funeral arrangements in Limerick made us one of the top choices for funeral directing in the county.

To learn more about the services Daffys Funeral Home can offer, contact us today.

Funeral Services

Our funeral services are flexible and specifically tailored to each family’s needs. We understand the stress and toll grieving for a loved one can take, and we want to help make the funeral planning process as easy as possible for you.

Our funeral services can be tailored to suit any religious or non-religious needs, such as a Catholic wake or a humanist funeral. Our services include issuing death notices and sourcing well-made yet affordable coffins and urns, as well as funeral flowers and headstones.

At Daffys Funeral Home, we promise no less than the highest level of care, expertise, and sympathy in our work. We strive to honour the legacy and memory of the deceased while also providing tender and patient counsel to those bereaved.

Daffys Funeral
Daffys Funeral

Religious Funeral

Our religious funeral services accommodate for all faiths and creeds, and our funeral directors will work tirelessly to hold your ceremony in your preferred place of worship.

Civil & Humanist Funerals

Daffys Funeral Home has fully embraced non-religious funeral services, such as civil or humanist funerals, for many years. We will arrange a service to honour your loved one by allowing you to use our funeral home, crematorium or a venue of your choosing.

If desired, we can also arrange music, poetry, prose or prayers of your choice in line with the wishes of the deceased.

Daffys Funeral
Daffys Funeral

Coffins & Urns

The range of coffins and urns at Daffys Funeral Home are tailored to suit all tastes and budgets. Our styles include mahogany and veneered, and we also offer eco-friendly coffins.

Funeral Transport

Our selection of limousines and Mercedes saloon hearses will transport remains to the chosen burial site safely and respectfully, and are available for funeral processions if requested.

Daffys Funeral
Daffys Funeral

Advance Funeral Plans

At Daffys Funeral Home, we also work with individuals to pre-plan future funeral arrangements or cremation services in order to minimise the stress and logistics for their loved ones in the future. We will honour any prices agreed for a period of up to five years.


One of the most stressful situations for families losing a loved one abroad is funeral repatriation. Using our years of experience and connections, Daffys Funeral Home will endeavour to make this easy as possible by contacting funeral directors abroad to secure your loved one’s remains for any ceremonial proceedings.

Daffys Funeral

Funeral Services FAQ

Is it possible to plan a funeral in advance?

Yes. Our advanced funeral services allow you to discuss and arrange payment for funeral proceedings in the future, and we will honour all prices agreed at the time regardless of economic situation.

Where can I find non-religious funeral services near me in Limerick?

At Daffys Funeral Directors, we offer the same quality of service for both religious and non-religious services. We endeavour to assist the bereaved to the best of our ability by arranging a venue and celebrant of their choice, in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

How can I pay for my funeral arrangements?

Payment can be done in either instalments or one lump-sum. We will gladly discuss cost-effective solutions with you that aims to reduce the risk of any financial-related stress when planning your loved one’s funeral.

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