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High-quality religious funeral services with a personal touch.
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At Daffys Funeral Home, we have over 90 years of delivering professional and compassionate religious funeral services with a personal touch and the utmost respect.

Regardless of faith or creed, Daffys Funeral Home strives to honour your loved ones in accordance with their beliefs by helping you arrange a burial location and appropriate celebrant.

We welcome people from all backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or class. Your wishes will be fully respected and we endeavour to make the funeral process as easy as possible for you.

To discuss options for arranging religious funerals, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.

Catholic Funerals

Daffys Funeral Home arranges Catholic funerals based on your choice of local churches and cemeteries. Funeral mass will be organised in cooperation with the chosen church, through selection of music, prayers, hymns and funeral flowers.

Jewish Funerals

Our jewish funeral service accounts for Orthodox as well as Liberal and Reform Jewish traditions. We promise to respect traditions such as performing no embalming or related cosmetics in accordance with the wishes of the bereaved.

Islamic Funerals

Daffys Funeral Home will cooperate with the Islamic Foundation of Ireland for burial and transport when conducting Islamic funerals. Typically washing and shrouding is supplied for free by the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland.

We respect the speed at which Islamic burial services must be conducted, and promise to conduct our proceedings as quickly as possible.

Buddhist Funerals

We are aware that rituals surrounding death in Buddhist religion can vary depending on which form was practiced by the deceased. As such,Daffys Funeral Home promises to be flexible with the proceedings for conducting burial rituals, allowing appropriate time for prayers to be conducted as well as visitations to the body.

To discuss options for arranging religious funerals, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


Religious Funerals FAQ

Do I have to choose one church or cemetery in particular?

No, we will gladly work with whichever place of worship or burial ground you choose, regardless of religion.

There are no burial grounds or cemeteries near me in Limerick, what can I do?

In the case of a specific burial ground or cemetery not being within our typical catchment area, we will discuss transport plans with you in order to help you bury the deceased with the requested burial or cremation centre.

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