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Cost-effective, environmentally friendly coffins and urns for reasonable prices. Contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


Our range of coffins and urns at Daffys Funeral Home is diverse, and promises to have options available for any type of funeral.

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, as well as environmentally-conscious and budget options, our coffins and urns are expertly crafted and maintained to help respect and honour the deceased.

 Daffys Funeral Home
Daffys Funeral Home

To learn more about our coffin and urns available, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


Since 1929, Daffys Funeral Home has only used the highest-quality and reliable coffins for its burial and funerals in Limerick.

One of our popular options would be our solid wood mahogany coffins. These coffins are some of the most sought-after choices, and can be engraved with personal details if requested.

Another option would be a sophisticated veneered coffin, made from strong core panels of wood with a thin panel on the top.

To inquire about one of our sophisticated coffin options, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


Cost-effective and environmentally friendly options are also available in the form of eco-coffins. These coffins are typically made from a sustainably sourced indigenous materials, usually part of a larger eco-funeral package. They are typically cheaper than the above options.

At Daffys Funeral Home, we recognise our role to play in the environment when it comes to burial services, and aim to do our best to reduce our carbon footprint while also honouring the memories and needs of the deceased.

To learn more about our cost-effective and eco-coffin options, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


At Daffys Funeral Home, we provide only the most elegant urns for those who choose to use our cremation services in venues such as Shannon Crematorium. Like our coffins, they are available in a wide variety of styles for different tastes and budgets.

Keepsake urns are typically smaller options, and are ideal for those who live far away from the deceased’s location. We also offer companion urns: typically used to contain the urns of two people, such as a married couple or siblings.

The personal touch and care provided by Daffys Funeral Home guarantees that you will find a suitable urn for your loved one’s remains, regardless of your budget or needs.

To learn more about cremation services and our urns, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


Coffins and Urns FAQ

I can’t afford a mahogany coffin, what are my options?

At Daffys Funeral Directors, we want to ensure the deceased gets the appropriate and dignified send-off they deserve, and we accommodate for all budgets. Our eco-coffin options are cheaper than traditional mahogany coffins, but are no less sophisticated and respectful.

What urns are available?

We offer all sorts of urns, such as companion urns for two people, keepsakes for those who need to transport the remains long distances, and biodegradable urns that made from sustainably sourced indigenous materials.

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