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Professional and dignified funeral transport, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


Since 1929, Daffys Funeral Home has provided complimentary funeral transport in accompaniment with its burial services. The transport of the body to and from our funeral home is crucial for preserving the remains through embalming and also ensuring we have adequate time to prepare for official ceremonies.

Most importantly, we promise to transport the remains of the deceased in a safe and respectful manner.

To inquire about our funeral transport options, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.

Funeral Procession

Daffys Funeral Home can supply a number of funeral hearses and limousines for funeral processions on the day of the funeral. Driven by expert and professional drivers, we carefully set out from your designated area, usually the funeral home or your household, and make our way slowly to the burial site.

With years of experience Daffys Funeral Home promises to deliver on funeral processions to help give the deceased a compassionate send-off while on their way to the burial site.

To hire our funeral cars for funeral processions, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.

Funeral Hearse

At Daffys Funeral Home we boast a wide selection of Mercedes saloon hearses and limousines to choose from. Driven by our highly-qualified drivers, these vehicles are classy and sophisticated, as well as being frequently maintained and certified.

The dedication to the quality of our funeral hearses and limousines is an extension of how much Daffys Funeral Home values quality funeral transport.

To learn more about our selection of funeral cars and funeral hearses, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


Funeral Transport FAQ

Can I choose which vehicle to use in a funeral procession?

We let you choose which one of our well-kept and modern funeral hearses and limousines would best suit your funeral procession.

Where does the funeral transport service take the remains to?

Depending on your location, we can deliver the remains to any of our three sites in Kilmallock and Ballyagran in Limerick, or Lisselton in Kerry.

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