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Make the funeral planning easier in the future. Contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


Funeral planning can be a stressful task, especially if unexpected. At Daffys Funeral Home we want to make this process as easy as possible. With our range of advanced funeral planning services, we will ensure that any funeral process that happens in the future will be significantly less stressful.

To plan a funeral service in advance, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.

Funeral Preplanning

Funeral preplanning can be done a number of different ways at Daffys Funeral Home. It helps relieve some of the planning stress that comes along with sudden departures for the family of the deceased, and allows the person in question to state what they would like their service to include in advance.

To discuss your funeral plans for the future, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.

Funeral Insurance

Daffys Funeral Home offers funeral insurance measures for all budgets. Even if funeral pre-planning is done in advance of a sudden passing, we still recognise that it can be a stressful situation financially, and pre-payments may not be possible.

At Daffys Funeral Home, we allow you to book your funeral without any formal down payment. This allows for the service to be planned in advance, but allows time for you to save funds for the eventual service or sign up for funeral insurance to help cover costs. We will honour any funeral prices made in advance for a period of up to five years.

To learn about funeral insurance plans, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.

Best Prepaid Funeral Plans

Daffys Funeral Home offers some of thebest pre-paid plans in County Limerick. Pre-payment options are available at any time, and we offer some of the most reasonable rates for funeral pre-planning in the county. We allow you to pay for the funeral either in lump sum format, or over a series of affordable instalments.

To learn about some of the best prepaid funeral plans we offer, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


Advanced Funeral Planning FAQ

Do I have to pay for my funeral in advance?

Not necessarily. At Daffys Funeral Directors, we allow you to plan a funeral in advance, but delay payment until the time of the service. All prices agreed upon will be honoured for a period of up to 5 years.

Do I have to pay it in a lump sum?

Although you can choose to pay for the funeral all at once, our pre-paid funeral plans allow you to also pay it over a series of instalments.

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