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Flexible, accommodating and respectful civil and humanist funerals. Contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


For over 90 years, Daffys Funeral Home has performed a wide range of funeral services, including non-religious funerals such as civil funerals and humanist funerals. In recent years, many Irish people, religious or not, have opted to do this.

Daffys Funeral Home takes a flexible and reasonable approach to conducting non-religious funerals, working closely with the family to figure out what the best solution for the burial and accompanying ceremony should look like.

To discuss your plans for a non-religious funeral, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.

Civil Funeral

A civil funeral is a secular ceremony defined as “A funeral driven by the wishes, beliefs, and values of the deceased and their family, not by the beliefs and ideology of the person conducting the funeral” by the Institute of Civil Funerals in the UK.

As such, it is seen as a more personal and tailored service that honours the memory and legacy of the deceased, although spiritual elements may be incorporated such as religious funeral songs or funeral poetry.

At Daffys Funeral Home we work closely with the family of the deceased to create a touching and personal service that will allow participants to remember and reflect on the person they knew for so many years.

To arrange a civil funeral, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.

Humanist Funeral

Although sounding similar to civil funerals, humanist funerals are different as they are organised around the core philosophy of humanism.

Humanism does not associate itself with the afterlife and typical religious service rituals, instead focusing on the person’s actions and happiness during their life. A humanist funeral is typically performed by an accredited humanist celebrant.

Humanist funerals at Daffys Funeral Home are conducted with the same level of care as any other kind of burial service, and we promise to help you create event that will chronicle and honour the deceased.

To arrange a humanist funeral, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.

Non-Religious Funerals

A non-religious funeral does not necessarily need to conform to the typical standards of civil or humanist rituals either. At Daffys Funeral Home, our approach centres working with the deceased’s family in order to create a service that will not only send them off respectfully, but centre the life of the deceased.

We accomplish this by allowing the use of our premises, as well as arranging crematoriums or other venues based on the wishes of the organisers. Funeral songs, Funeral poems and Funeral Flowers can also be organised if requested.

If you have specific requirements for your non-religious funeral, contact Daffys Funeral Home today.


Civil & Humanist Funerals FAQ

Are civil funerals and humanist funerals the same?

Although some aspects overlap, civil and humanist funerals are different. Civil funerals are focused around the life of the person involved, but may incorporate spiritual elements. Humanist funerals are performed by an accredited humanist celebrant and are typically performed in adherence to the tenets of humanism.

Do non-religious funerals cost more than religious funerals?

At Daffys Funeral Directors, we recognise the needs of every funeral is different, religious or non-religious. We work closely with the family of the deceased with your budget in mind, and offer several cost-effective yet high-quality options for our services.

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